Aroma Holiday Rome - Citrus

Aroma Holiday Rome - Citrus

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The scent of the eternal city...

Fragrance notes:

A medley of sweet, fruity notes! Plum, blackberry, apple, raspberry, black currant, dew fruit, grapefruit and sweet lemon. The dry, crisp notes of the white wine blend with delicate herbal nuances of fragrant thyme. Finally, they are supported by hints of precious woods and musk. This citrus journey takes you to the heart of an Italian fruit festival.

General information:

- Soy wax candle

- burn time approximately 30 hours

- Perfect for on the go

- After lighting, it is best to place the candle on the inverted lid to protect the base ideally.

All Aroma Holiday candles are vegan, handmade in the UK, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Inspiration of the perfumer:

The unforgettable special occasion. Spend all morning visiting the many magnificent tourist attractions and eating the best ice cream in the world by the Trevie Fountain. Spend an afternoon sipping wine and people-watching, the mellow aroma of citrus from backyards with wash spilling out of narrow windows like the very best Italian vines! A true and unique Roman vacation in the Eternal City!