Aroma Holiday Auckland - Woody

Aroma Holiday Auckland - Woody

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Like a bush walk in New Zealand...

Fragrance Notes:

A soft, sophisticated, clean and slightly woody marine scent. Dominant cedar wood, with soft, herbaceous notes of moss and hints of lily and cistus. The base note of cool, damp fern and precious, cool woods creates the calming idea of ​​being one with nature again.

General information:

- Soy wax candle

- burn time approximately 30 hours

- Perfect for on the go

- After lighting, it is best to place the candle on the inverted lid to protect the base ideally.

All Aroma Holiday candles are vegan, handmade in the UK, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Inspiration of the perfumer:

It's no secret that the "land of the great white cloud" is my personal "spiritual utopia" and my family's actual adopted home. A vibrant cosmopolitan city with the sprawling Bay of Islands to the north, the remote Coromandel Peninsula to the east and the rugged Waitakere Ranges to the west, Auckland has always been the gateway to this beautiful country.

So "Bitter- Sweet". Sweet when you arrive and say "Kia Ora" (Hello), but very bitter when you fly away in tears. I have visited this country more times than any other and my overwhelming memories are of friendliness, pleasure and a natural detoxification that the Kiwi way of life offers that is just pure magic.