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Feel like crocheting again? I sneaked around this blanket on ravelry for a long time, saw the many beautiful color combinations and then decided on a colourful, cheerful mixture that reminds me of the beginning of spring. It is crocheted with a 3.5mm needle and three different Scheepjes whirls (Cotton Candy Man Fb. 760, Melting Macaron Fb. 767, Sherbet Rainbow Fb. 768 ), which are crocheted alternately. For the most harmonious progression, start the colors Sherbet Rainbow and Cotton Candy Man from the outside, Melting Macaron from the inside. I cast on 226 stitches and crocheted until the first whirl was used up. Oddly enough, there was quite a bit left of a whirl. With this I edged the whole blanket with single crochet stitches. The finished dimensions are 98 x 132 cm. The ceiling is a bit of hard work, but an absolute fun project due to the permanent color changes.

You can find the instructions here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/trio-blanket

Find your own wonderful color combination and as a little treat for yourself you get the Scheepjes Whirl for a short time in the special offer!

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